Are You...

  • Feeling overwhelmed by all the decisions to be made?
  • Wondering if you can have a wedding that is unlike any other?
  • Unsure who to trust to help you plan this once in a lifetime celebration?

You deserve a wedding celebration that is personal and entertaining without the stress and frustration.

Bride and Groom laughing

Stress-free Experience

Throughout the planning we are there to help you in every way, the day of we want you and your family to feel like guests at your own wedding.

Bride and Groom having their first dance

Priceless Memories

Creativity and planning insures your wedding will be uniquely yours filled with moments that fit your personalities and tell your story.

wedding guests dancing

Happy Guests

Your guests will laugh, dance and celebrate with you till the end of the night. And when it’s all over they will be saying that was the Best Wedding EVER!

Meet Adam & Heather

We know how overwhelming it is planning a wedding. When we were planning our wedding we didn’t know what we were doing either and hoped that our guests would remember how much fun they had.

After our wedding we decided that we wanted to help couples have an entertaining celebration. Combining Adam’s 25+ years as a Disc Jockey and our love for weddings. We continue to develop and apply the skills needed to have the highest quality entertainment for your wedding.

  • They are not your typical wedding DJ. They work so hard to make your wedding special. They got to know us. They can help you add special touches to your wedding you would never have thought of. I just can't say enough good things about them.
    Amber & Eric, January 2019
  • They did a wonderful job and added some special touches to make my day even better than I planned. They’re not just a DJ. They helped with everything I needed. They got creative during the planning. They also made everything so easy for me. I couldn't have had a better DJ.
    Jennifer & Jason, August 2017
  • We laughed, we cried, and we had the time of our lives. We're still getting compliments from our guests. We've been told by nearly everyone in attendance that it was the most personal and entertaining wedding they'd ever been to
    Allie & Vic, April 2018

Here's How You Can Have An Entertaining Stress-free Wedding


Schedule a call with Adam and Heather to share your love story and the vision you have for your wedding. Then mutually decide to work together to create a fun stress-free celebration.


Beginning months before your wedding we will meet with you and your fiance several times to discover more about the two of you and how we can add creative moments that will make your day special and unique.


After months of planning we want you to relax and create memories with your family and friends on the day of your wedding. We work with your team of professionals behind the scenes to insure you will enjoy every moment of your wedding day.



Your guests will be singing and dancing while we build energy on the dance floor through a variety of genres. Giving you total input control on all music selections we provide helpful suggestions for background, special moments and dancing music.


Your guests will be emotionally engaged as active participants, while informing them of important upcoming events. We work with your team of wedding pros in advance and behind the scenes on the day of, while keeping you and your VIP’s privately informed and prepared.


Through detailed planning we help you create a customized and personalized ceremony agenda. At your rehearsal we provide personalized name tags for all participants and practice staging and blocking with the wedding party and parents. Your guests will hear your vows through wireless lavaliere microphones.


  • Unlimited advance planning sessions
  • Online planning tools & music database
  • Enough audio support for the size of your group
  • Custom written personalized wedding party introductions
  • Dance floor lighting


  • Uplighting
  • Rehearsal Dinner Entertainment
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