We are committed to helping you plan your reception agenda, with a timeline of events, a list of participants who will be involved or may need to be introduced, and your musical preferences for: background music, songs for each special moment, and requests to be played during open dancing.



We always use a checklist to manage the details behind the scenes at your reception to prevent problems that may arise. It is very important for you to feel like guests at your own reception and not stress over the details during your celebration.



As the spokesperson at your reception we communicate with your guests in a manner that captures their attention, keeps them properly informed, and encourages them to have an enjoyable time.



We know how important it is to play just the right songs in just the right sequence to create a mood, a feeling, a memory, or even a dance floor filled with guests dancing at your reception

from  Adam & Heather,


“We believe weddings are made up of moments,
and within those moments
are where memories are made”